Product Care

Fresh Flowers

Sadly what flowers don’t do is last forever! Many factors can contribute to the life span of your cut flowers such as weather, location, water source, type of blooms but it doesn’t change the fact that once they are cut flowers have a general life span of 7 up to 10 days. At Esse Floral Studio we water wrap each bouquet delivered to ensure longest life span once leaving our studio.

Water - Ensure flowers are in water as soon as possible, honestly, they cant live without it! Change your water daily, feel free to add a preservative (flower food, bleach, sugar, lemon, lime the list goes on) but we are believers fresh clean water is always best. Trim and Prune - Cut your stems on an angle and keep all leaves above the water line. Location - Keep away from direct sunlight and in a cool location. Also they don’t like harsh air conditioners and heaters. We do pride our self on the quality of our flowers at Esse Floral Studio so please do call us if you have any concerns.

All fresh flower bouquets are costed based on seasonal daily pricing. This means what we pay that day for our flowers + our time + our prep + our materials + our profit. All sizes of bouquets can occasionally vary slightly due to this. All flowers we choose to use at Esse Floral Studio are premium flower choices, not a regular rose, a beautiful local garden rose . Not a gerbera, a beautiful large disbud. Not a lily, a beautiful scented stock. This means our flowers we select are higher in price which means we pass our costs onto you in our designs and while the sizes of the bunches may vary from day to day, the value of what’s inside will always remain the same. We sure can offer something beautiful, on trend and unique! -Small €35 - Perfect for a small gesture or gift. -Medium €65 - Not small and not large. Our most requested size to get value and impact. -Large €95 and up - A beautiful design full of flowers . Perfect for special occasions and flower lovers !

SCHEDULED DELIVERY | MONDAY to SATURDAY All local deliveries must be confirmed by 48 h in advance to Rotterdam and local suburbs (click here to know local suburbs) If your suburb is not mentioned we DO NOT deliver there or it is further below in our non local delivery areas. NON LOCAL DELIVERY - WEEKDAY ONLY Non local areas must be ordered in advance (at least two day prior), a timed delivery is not available for these regions as we use external couriers. Please call our shop to discuss your requirements if there is confusion (click here to know non local areas ) Same day delivery - please do call us and see if we have the ability to still deliver for you for an additional €10 fee. Sunday and Public Holidays | Closed and No Deliveries unless otherwise stated. Delivery Times - All orders are delivered within business hours 9-18 pm. If you would like a timed weekday delivery or same day delivery please call the studio to see if we can fit you on a run +31 6 16 06 9167. Timed deliveries have a €10 delivery fee. Not available on SUBURB DELIVERY and NOT LOCAL DELIVERY as we use external couriers. Time delivery frames: We require a 1 hour window for a time delivery to allow for any traffic. Paid Time Frames - must be confirmed two day prior or call our shop to see availability.

Dry Flowers and Gifts

Dried flowers last a long time as long as you want them to stay good. It is important that they are not in a damp room and not too much in the sun.
As with fresh flowers, this can affect the color of the flowers.
We also recommend that you touch the bouquet carefully and not bump it too often, as the dried flowers are fragile.

Each composition is made with love and it’s a unique artwork. A number of flowers are also dried themselves.

Dried flowers are delicate and are therefore carefully packed. The boxes are made of sturdy material, so that the flowers cannot be damaged. When the flowers are taken out of the box, it is important that you shape the flowers in the vase yourself.

Dried flowers collect dust. We recommend spraying the dried flowers with hairspray, so that this protective layer ensures that the dust falls off more easily. Pampas grass is a natural product, which makes it possible that it can fluff. It is also recommended to spray hairspray on the pampas grass. Do not spray too much hairspray on the pampas grasses, as it can stick together. It is also important to regularly blow the dust off the flowers with a hairdryer on the cold setting after purchase. Do not wait too long, as the dust can then adhere to the surface.

National&International shipping | All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days. Orders are not shipped and/or delivered on public holidays.  For a detailed overview of shipping rates & delivery times per country, see at the link (click here )